Ever get those moments of “Now what?” those moments where everything is grey and there’s nothing to look forward to? those moments of routine, of ruts?

Yeah, I’ve been living those moments for a few days. Work is good, but I feel like I’ll never go anywhere as an assistant. The weather is cold and dreary and our wedding isn’t for another six months. I wake up, drive 80 minutes to work where the highlights of my day are opening mail and data entry, I drive 80 minutes home where I make dinner and ignore household chores. Lather, rinse, repeat.

After today’s particularly frustrating day (umm… who invented conference calls? because I’d like to beat them), I was closer to black on the greyscale than white, closer to shitty than happy, closer to BITE ME than How was your day.  I drove a different route home, hoping to hit a McDonald’s or Wendy’s or BK or fuckinganythingwithamilkshakePLEASE. I needed comfort food. ICE CREAM. STAT. So I drove out of my way back to the tollway.

Let me tell you about the southwest burbs. Anything west of this particular tollway is a giant blackhole of KISS MY ASS. West of the tollway: pot holes, dive bars, and one-toothed farmers. NOT ONE FROSTY. Screw you, southwest burbs. I hoped on the tollway for 30 miles until I got off where I knew there would be civilization — the northwest burbs.

I stopped at the first fast food place I saw: McDonald’s. Generally, I only go for their iced coffee. The food nauseates me. But I NEEDED a milkshake. My insides were crying for chocolatey ice creamy goodness. Guess what?


Who runs out of chocolate milkshakes?! Since when is there an overwhelming demand for chocolate milkshakes at 6:00pm?! How bad a day was it for everyone that they ran out before rush hour was even over?!

There’s a silver lining, though…. one that restores my faith in God… Even though it’s only the second week of February, this particular McDonald’s is already serving Shamrock Shakes. Sweet Jesus, thank you. This was EXACTLY what I needed. With one sip, the conference calls, the scheduling meetings, the overflowing inbox, the Outlook freezes, the memos after memos after memos… all just melted away. Quiet, zen-like serenity in a shake.

And then? Justin Timberlake and TI came on the radio. So I bumped it.

It’s the little things, you guys.