That was bad karma leaving the previous entry overnight. And since this is a new blog with new rules, I’m blogging twice in an hour. Suck it.

My hair cut is a-ma-zing.

I love love love watching the planes line up to land at O’Hare on a clear day. My commute is peeeeerrrrrfect for this sort of thing.

The flowers I bought myself for International Women’s Day are still blooming. The leaves are wilting but the flowers look fabulous.

Tomorrow is the first day of SPRING!

I work with some pretty amazing people. They break up the monotony.

I grew balls on the phone today and told an angry person that I didn’t appreciate his tone, have a nice day, goodbye. Yay! Big step for me!

I’m getting married in less than five months. And? I’m marrying an amazing and patient man who never ceases to make me smile.

Our wedding registry is the most eclectic, bizarro, unique-to-us list of fabulousness, in my humble opinion.

I’m so grateful for what I have. In this time of nationwide economic hardship, the fiance and I are doing alright for ourselves. I can get that salon haircut,  I can grab a cup of chai on my way to work if I’m not in the mood for my coffee at home, we can buy that Wii game, we can plan on season tickets for Six Flags. We’re doing alright and not a day goes by that I don’t thank whatever or whoever is overseeing the innate goodness of it all.