I miss my old blog. I miss posting pictures. I miss all the readers. I miss the regularity of my writing…. and the creativity.

My job is suckin’ out the bone marrow of my blog, you guys.

I think I’m going to move again… use my real name again… and keep my opinions out of it. That was the biggest deal – my politics were all over my old blog and that just wouldn’t fly in my political job. Neither would those pictures of my cleavage girlfriends at the bars.
I want to start fresh with pictures of our wedding planning and our wedding and our honeymoon… and I want to talk about my job without talking about my job. Oh, and I want to post pictures from Vegas. 😀
I want to write for an audience again instead of letting an audience read what I write for myself.

It’s odd how different your writing can be when you take into account who and what your audience is or isn’t. At first I thought it was liberating, but I’m starting to think it’s not healthy. In my old blog, I’d try to stay positive to keep myself from Debbie Downer Land. Little did I know, without an identity, I AM THE MAYOR of Debbie Downer Land. Keeping a blog with a positive face helped ME stay positive.

This blog has been lovely for the interim and I’ll keep it around. I got too out there with my old blog. Now I’m starting to feel what a new one could become. I’m beginning to see what it is I need from the blogosphere. Bare with my while I feel my way around the dark. I’m still an avid Twitterer, you all know that… now I need to reestablish my place in blog land…. positively.

I’ll start fresh when I know the time is right. Stay tuned.


I felt limited. I felt controlled by a website. I felt watched. When I feel boxed in, I make drastic changes.

In this case, I went underground.

There are two songs that I feel express the contradiction that is WOMAN so supremely. One is Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman” – She takes care of herself, She can wait if she wants, She’s ahead of her time, And she never gives out, And she never gives in, She just changes her mind. The other is Mandy Moore’s “Can’t You Just Adore Her?” She likes chocolate in the morning, She drinks her coffee late at night, You can sense that she is guarded, But that’s alright, She’ll fall asleep while you’re still talking, With unfinished books beside her bed, She’ll cancel all of her appointments, And go shopping instead. She loves to watch the sunset, But she is partial to the rain, With those tears and that umbrella, Her allure goes unexplained… She always has the best intentions, Her goodness is innate.

I changed this blog’s name multiple times, always with lyrics from those two songs… In the end, I’ve settled on “Her Goodness is Innate.” Honestly, I changed the name so many times. But I believe in goodness in everyone, I believe our goodness is, indeed, innate. And I want to be known for innate goodness. I struggle with it. Let my blog be a daily reminder of the goodness I should radiate.

So that’s my blog’s name. Thank you, Mandy. And thank you, blogosphere, for being so fluid as to let me go underground and still feel welcome. I’ll do this blog better. I won’t feel controlled. I won’t get overwhelmed. I’ll blog without obligation. I’ll be limitless.