I want a girlie weekend.

The boy has been playing video games with his childhood best friend in our living room since yesterday evening. They’ve eaten all the junk food in the house. They took a trip to Circuit City and who knows where else while I was out to dinner. Tomorrow they’re going to the auto show.

Admittedly, I’m jealous.

Sure, tonight I had a nearly four hour dinner with two of my fabulous blogger friends. It’s not that I don’t love Thai food or white sangria or THEM… it’s the fact that I left the apartment 24 hours into their guys’ weekend and I came home to more than 24 more hours of guys’ weekend still to go. It’s not that I feel left out. I’m so so so glad the boy gets the opportunity to have an entire weekend with his friend. He deserves some guy time, especially after having to deal with my bras hanging on our door and the potent air fresheners I like to use and the hair products all over the sink and the pink makeup bag that’s made its home on the dining room table… (Yes, I can be hyper feminine…)

I’m just… jealous.

I wish my besties could visit for a whoooole weekend. I wish the boy would fix us dinner Friday night (I made these boys delicious tacos) and then move out of the way. I wish we could be left to our own devices for an entire weekend, just me and the girls. I wish we could wander the mall and not discuss dwindling funds. I wish we could go out for fruity drinks with umbrellas and not discuss the calories. I wish we could go to a fashion show in the city or spend an afternoon getting our nails done. I wish we could blare trendy music in the car with the windows down and sing along like we’re the only ones on the road. I wish we could end up at a bar wearing skinny jeans and shirts low enough that they toe the line of acceptable. I wish we could watch stupid movies and make fun of the characters while we pour ourselves another glass of wine. I wish we could finish the night eating ice cream out of the tub.

I guess I wish I were still at my women’s college. I’m sort of craving estrogen.

I haven’t had quality time with my boy in awhile but it’s my girls that I’m really missing tonight.