I should carry this picture in my wallet. I DON’T brush my hair. Seriously. Call me gross, but I’m so fabulous that my hair is wavy enough not to brush but straight enough not to use any products. I go for that “I just crawled out of bed” natural sexiness every morning.

Also, I’m lazy.

Sometimes I don’t feel so fabulous. (Thanks to those who reassured me in a moment of vulnerability via twitter that I am.) Sometimes I don’t feel fabulous when I feel I’ve screwed up or that I’ve been painted in a bad light or… well, you get the point.

But the truth is? Even though certain acquaintances are in med school or flying around the country on business and even though I’m just a staff assistant… I’m a staff assistant for a staff that’s sort of a big deal. My voice is heard on kind of a huge level. I get the inside scoop on kind of enormous issues.

And the best part? I’m getting more responsibility.

Nevermind that I’m already overloaded. Nevermind that I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut after most days of work. Nevermind that I commute an hour. Let’s discuss how I proposed to senior staff that my boss needs an online social networking presence. Let’s discuss how our director of communications thinks that’s an awesome idea. Let’s discuss how I confessed to being an avid blogger/twitterer/facebooker and I wrote my senior thesis on virtual communities. Let’s discuss how senior staff wants me to get more involved in new media on behalf of the boss.

I have visions of Twitter accounts dancing in my head… government: Julia Allison style.

Also? I am freaking fabulous. (And I promise to brush my hair if I get famous.)


That was bad karma leaving the previous entry overnight. And since this is a new blog with new rules, I’m blogging twice in an hour. Suck it.

My hair cut is a-ma-zing.

I love love love watching the planes line up to land at O’Hare on a clear day. My commute is peeeeerrrrrfect for this sort of thing.

The flowers I bought myself for International Women’s Day are still blooming. The leaves are wilting but the flowers look fabulous.

Tomorrow is the first day of SPRING!

I work with some pretty amazing people. They break up the monotony.

I grew balls on the phone today and told an angry person that I didn’t appreciate his tone, have a nice day, goodbye. Yay! Big step for me!

I’m getting married in less than five months. And? I’m marrying an amazing and patient man who never ceases to make me smile.

Our wedding registry is the most eclectic, bizarro, unique-to-us list of fabulousness, in my humble opinion.

I’m so grateful for what I have. In this time of nationwide economic hardship, the fiance and I are doing alright for ourselves. I can get that salon haircut,  I can grab a cup of chai on my way to work if I’m not in the mood for my coffee at home, we can buy that Wii game, we can plan on season tickets for Six Flags. We’re doing alright and not a day goes by that I don’t thank whatever or whoever is overseeing the innate goodness of it all.

I just bought WiiFit this evening. I’ve been lusting over it for some time now… and it’s really the only reason I’ve felt comfortable with the boy blowing so much money on the Wii and Wii accessories… because I knew my time would come.

I took an impromtu trip to Target this evening. The boy was at our volleyball game but I wasn’t feeling much up to going. I’m not a fan of volleyball, really. Anywho, bedecked in old college pajamas, I decided it was a good idea to wander the Target. And oh, was it ever.

I haven’t been much impressed with Target’s clothes lately. They DO have a killer bra section right now – good, quality (read: padded) bras for $9.99 or $12.99. But I just bought a new bra last week when Victoria’s Secret sent me an email about a stupid 75% off sale. (Okay, it was a $13 bra, I didn’t splurge that much.) So I passed up the clothes and the underwear, checked out the shoes ($9 boots! bought ’em!) and checked out the electronics. Lo and behold, Target had three Wiis and four WiiFits.


It took us two weekends in two states to find our Wii. And here I just stumbled across the Mecca of Wiiness? Badass.

So I scooped it up and practically ran to the check out, giddy with what my night now had in store for me. Or should I say… what my night had in sore for me…

I got it synched and loaded and ready to go aaaand I did my evaluation. I was expecting a bodacious WiiFit age. You see, my Wii Sports Fitness age is 69. I’m NOT coordinated. So I cringed while WiiFit calculated my age. And it turns out I’m only 20. No joke, you guys, I hollered when I saw that.

I’m going to chalk it up to the fact I did yoga regularly for about two years until giving it up about a year ago. (No time.) I have good balance, so my trainer says… Anyways, it feels good to be active and have positive reinforcement. You know, until I get on the balance board one day and my trainer says, “Whoa, lay off the deep dish pizza, lard ass!”

The boy is home. Have to show him my new purchase!!  (And don’t worry, I’ll let you know what HIS WiiFit age is, too!)

In other news, here are some phrases I’ve been dying to say recently that have made it into my every day vernacular: crocodile tears, shenanigans, that’s how I do