Sorry for the hardcore Debbie Downer post. The thing about anonymous blogging is that I feel comfortable sharing even THAT. At my old place, those kinds of emotions weren’t appropriate… but new blog, new rules. I say what I need.

Things have gotten better. I pretty much didn’t stop crying from the time my mom left yesterday afternoon until this morning at work. Yes, at work. And no, I’m not even PMSing. I’m just a wreck. Luckily, all the other employees in my office are moms with kids my age so I got momma talk after momma talk after momma talk. And hugs. I seriously needed it. One coworker blamed it on the moon’s position because she’s a hardcore hippie. I love that, though. I think I need to give away my heartache to some celestial being. (I was never comfortable “giving it up to God” or letting “Jesus bear my cross”… they’re dudes, and I don’t think a dude could understand the kind of pain women feel sometimes. It’s more comfortable to blame it on the moon and let things run its course spirtually. Now who’s the hardcore hippie?)

I’m looking forward to an evening of sangria and The West Wing with the boy. On top of the mom situation, there was a bit of a relationship situation that made things even more stressful… but nothing a bottle of sangria and a night of cuddles can’t fix.

Thanks to everyone who commented, tweeted, g-chatted, or emailed me. The internet is quite the support group when you need it and I’m so grateful to have you guys. Thanks for sticking by me even when I’m a seeeeerious Debbie Downer.

For good measure, here’s a quick list of things that made me smile today:

  • Finding the cat curled up on the boy’s blanket on the couch this morning, sleeping. Aw!
  • Accomplishing some scheduling tasks for the boss.
  • Banana cream pie yogurt with homemade granola.
  • That “Chris Brown should get his ass kicked” song on the radio.
  • CUTE PANTS. (I’m in love with the $10 pants I bought at Old Navy this weekend.)
  • The radio’s hysterical mispronunciation of Cubs pitcher/former ND footballer Jeff Samardzjia’s name.
  • Spelling Samardzjia correctly on the first guess.