(Today I embraced my shying sponteneity and bought a plane ticket to somewhere warm to spend time with people I admire. And I’m admitting that I admire them. Yeehaw!)

In an effort to keep my blog from turning into one of those Today I Did This, Tomorrow I Will Eat Yogurt, Next Week I Will Go Grocery Shopping yaaaaawn… let’s spice it up.

We’re still looking for a ceremony location for the wedding. We’ve given ourselves til the end of next week to decide. The situation that’s troubling me is not the lack of location, it’s the lack of invitations. I’m sooo antsy to start my DIY invites, but I can’t ask the designer to whip up a design before I have all the info! But the paper I bought for the invitations makes me sorta giddy. I have to order more, too. DARN. 🙂

We’re meeting with a florist and a cake lady on Monday. I guess that means we have to figure out what we want in terms of flowers and cake. Haha. We’ve been pretty chill about the whole wedding planning ordeal. It’s just one day in a series of thousands of days. It will be special but it won’t be the most special in the grand scheme. I find it more than a little obnoxious to obsess over your wedding, meticulously planning every single minute detail down to the garnish on the hors d’oeuvres. Get over it and let it unfold. (I will never ever ever be able to spell the word hor d’oeuvres on the first try.)

Okay fine. Offbeat Bride’s mantra is “Your wedding is not a contest.” But, fuck it, mine feels awesome. And YES I JUDGE YOU for your matching pink sucky bridesmaid dresses and your bridezilla attacks over a misplaced red rose. There. I said it. I feel much better now.

I can’t wait to put together gifts for my wedding entourage. (We’re too cool to call them a wedding party.) I found some stuff this weekend that made me squeeee with cuteness. I can’t say what it is because some of my entourage read my blog but just know that it’s going to be SUPER CUTE. (Here’s a hint – I found it at Swoozies!)

Do normal people recognize and accept that they probably won’t have sex on their wedding night? I think it’s going to keep us from letting ourselves down when the champagne kicks in and our feet are sore and cuddles sound better than… other things. No expectations = no disappointments, right? That’s what a honeymoon is for.

Speaking of honeymoon… so there’s this place in Barbados that I am LUSTING after. I don’t have my heart set on it (much) but it looks a-ma-zing. We’re still considering Hawaii and the Bahamas but you know, Barbados sounds awesome… because it’s freaking BARBADOS. Truth be told, anywhere with a fruity drink, a soft bed, and a beach will make me feel like I’ve wandered into paradise. But Barbados would be a cool stamp on my passport.

Can we just pause and take a moment to recognize how incredibly lucky I am to have my boy? He’s currently watching movie trailers online and says to me: “Do you recognize that voice?” “No…” “It’s Jim!” (from The Office.) He lets me gush over certain TV hotties. I may or may not have grabbed my breasticles when he said that. (Hellooooo TMI. Welcome to our relationship.)  On top of that, he doesn’t bat an eye when I decide to take an impromptu trip with some fab ladies. He doesn’t act annoyed when I hop on Twitter instead of tending to the dinner I started (even though I know he’s TOTALLY annoyed). And he listens to me when we’re in bed and his eyes are droopy and I go into a long diatribe about how I do this soul searching and how I realize I need to treat him better blah blah blah psychobabble karma Dr. Phil/Deepak Chopra or whatever-his-face-is kinda stuff.

I’m just so thankful that I’ve ended up with exactly who I imagined I’d end up with. And he has blue eyes to boot!

In an Angela-esque move, I shall end with this:  May you find the one you deserve and never, ever settle.


How do normal people do it? How do you guys work 40+ hours, tend to your home life and social life, and still find time to blog?

I had a meeting this morning close to where I live so I’m home this afternoon. What I would give for a weekday afternoon to myself each week…. I could get so much done in just ONE afternoon, seriously. Today I caught up on blogs, filled a prescription, and made a trip to the Apple store (who has had my computer for THREE WEEKS and has tried to return it to me twice but it’s NEVER FIXED). That’s stuff I just can’t do in the evening. By the time I get home from work, it’s 6:30. By the time dinner is fixed and eaten, it’s after 7:00. And three hours of quality time after dinner with the fiance is just NOT enough time. I don’t want to cut into it any more by running errands. I mean, we have 5 more seasons of The West Wing to watch, a puzzle to finish, a stack of board games, and the new Wii to conquer. There is just SO much to do around here. Hehe. But in all seriousness, it’s great to have these things to do but that just means we spend our free time doing quality fun stuff and not running errands or cleaning or doing laundry, etc.

So when do you guys blog? I can’t do it from work. Wahh wahh. But more importantly, when do you find time to do the important stuff like laundry and grocery shopping and dentist appointments and oil changes? When do you squeeze in that 2 hour line to get your license renewed or your hair highlighted?

And when the hell am I going to plan this wedding?

(Actually, that’s coming together quite nicely. Save the Date postcards just came this week. We’re waiting on a quote from a photographer. We’ve booked a florist and reception hall. And I’m going to put together an email to send out to our wedding party with clothing suggestions… except we’re not calling them the wedding party because that’s lame. I just haven’t come up with a non-lame alternative yet. To anyone planning a wedding in their future — the biggest stress reliever EVER is to let your attendants pick out WHATEVER THEY WANT TO WEAR and just specify a color family. Our friends are wearing whatever they want in shades of lavender and light green.)

I have so much swirling around in my head, so many things I want to blog about. I want to write about how my wedding is not a contest and how some bloggers (none of you that I’ve invited here, don’t worry!) make their weddings SUCH a big deal and how I want to tell 90% of other brides to CHILL THE HELL OUT. I want to blog about how I want to open my own granola store, how I want to quit my job and become a health food guru, how I just want to open my own business and rule my own job. I want to blog about how my job has gotten me back on the Diet Pepsi/Diet Dr. Pepper bandwagon after not drinking pop for many moons. I want to blog about my mom’s potential move to the Dominican Republic and how it would be SO GOOD for her. I want to blog about so so much.

But I just can’t find the time.