May 2009

I miss my old blog. I miss posting pictures. I miss all the readers. I miss the regularity of my writing…. and the creativity.

My job is suckin’ out the bone marrow of my blog, you guys.

I think I’m going to move again… use my real name again… and keep my opinions out of it. That was the biggest deal – my politics were all over my old blog and that just wouldn’t fly in my political job. Neither would those pictures of my cleavage girlfriends at the bars.
I want to start fresh with pictures of our wedding planning and our wedding and our honeymoon… and I want to talk about my job without talking about my job. Oh, and I want to post pictures from Vegas. 😀
I want to write for an audience again instead of letting an audience read what I write for myself.

It’s odd how different your writing can be when you take into account who and what your audience is or isn’t. At first I thought it was liberating, but I’m starting to think it’s not healthy. In my old blog, I’d try to stay positive to keep myself from Debbie Downer Land. Little did I know, without an identity, I AM THE MAYOR of Debbie Downer Land. Keeping a blog with a positive face helped ME stay positive.

This blog has been lovely for the interim and I’ll keep it around. I got too out there with my old blog. Now I’m starting to feel what a new one could become. I’m beginning to see what it is I need from the blogosphere. Bare with my while I feel my way around the dark. I’m still an avid Twitterer, you all know that… now I need to reestablish my place in blog land…. positively.

I’ll start fresh when I know the time is right. Stay tuned.


This week began as a stressful one. My coworkers and I were convinced the world would end by Friday, just by the way the week had been panning out. But the week is ending on such a high note that I truly feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

I know I haven’t been around the blogosphere lately, but truth be told, I’m enjoying my life and I’m doing my darnedest to make sure it’s fulfilling. Blogging has something to do with stages. I started the blog because I wanted to write. Now that I write all day as a job, I maintain my blog and blogger relationships because I cherish the friendships I’ve made and I’ve learned to network through them. I write in my blog to express myself these days, to document struggles and to reach out for encouragement. Today, I want to encourage you.

It’s the little things you do that make a difference. I really saw this pan out this week. Someone wrote us a letter yesterday. All she wanted was to let our boss know the struggles of her demographic when it comes to finding work. (Please forgive the vagueness – I have to be vague! Email me if you want the full warm fuzzy story.) It just so happens we’re hiring someone in her demographic to help others in her demographic. I tracked down her phone number, passed it along to a higher up, and we scheduled an interview for today… and she was hired on the spot. I made a difference in someone’s life. I feel so fulfilled.

It’s funny how things happen for a reason. We had interviewed a few others for this position but no one clicked. No one was the full package. Then, out of nowhere, when we’ve resigned to hiring someone who isn’t entirely qualified, the perfect candidate falls into our lap.

The week from hell that began with phone calls to the police has ended in peace. It makes you believe in fate. It restores your faith in the goodness of it all. I might be tainted because I work in politics, but you know what? We’re trying to help people. And I think we’re doing a damned good job.