I had an adventurous day. I got up ridiculously early in order to get to work 50+ miles south of where I live. After a trip to Starbucks, that’s no big deal. After our little event down there, I decided I wanted to go to an adorable little stationery place in Oak Park to pick up wedding invitation supplies! (Miss Melissa sent me the website months ago and I’ve been obsessed since.) Here’s the thing… the last time I was in Oak Park was when I had surgery at Shriners Children’s Hospital. And for most of my Oak Park visit, I was under the influence of Vicadin and Valium. I don’t quite remember it. Being a suburbanite, I figured it was just another suburb. Oh no, my pretties, Oak Park is pretty much Chicago. As many of you know, driving in congested areas like Chicago is NOT my thing. I’m okay with my 40-something mile commute on an open freeway. I’m NOT okay with bumper to bumper, people getting out of their cars to yell at other drivers, parallel parking, watch out for pedestrians! kind of driving. No thank you. But, despite being caught in a thunderstorm without an umbrella in my business attire, I made it in and out alive AND I bought the base cards and RSVP cards for our invitations!

I came home, fell asleep on the couch while watching a marathon of a crazy UFO show on the History Channel, dreamed about UFOs, woke up to a UFO investigation in the area of my office, freaked out, and am now contemplating raiding my freezer for ice cream.

So yes, today was adventurous. But it made me realize some things. (Here come more bullet points but not quite as sucky as last time.)

  • My new car is awesome. I drove it 150 miles today and it didn’t complain once. Also, it gets AWESOME gas mileage.
  • That said, my car looks like it belongs to a Real! Professional! today.  I have so much work stuff thrown around… file folders, newspapers, Google map directions, legal pads, business cards, a big ol’ poster, and my leatherbound notebook. Also? Multiple empty coffee cups tossed into the backseat.
  • I’m so ready for spring. Had I not been wearing a dress and a new coat today, I wouldn’t have hated getting caught outside in a thunderstorm with my car parked six blocks away. It felt so essentially springish.
  • Our wedding invitations are going to be unique. Each one will be a different combination of colors. I’m pretty much super excited about them! Now we just have to decide on a ceremony location so I can get started on them!
  • I am truly a suburbanite at heart. I thought Oak Park, though charming, was frantic. And the area around it? Not so pretty. Of course I’d love to live amongst cute hipster shops and Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Of course I’d like to be a quick El ride away from downtown. Of course I’d love to live close enough to Shriners Children’s Hospital that I could walk over and volunteer. Of course I miss the smell of the big city and the sound of traffic and obnoxious rose vendors (or is that just in Rome?). But the pace is just not my bag. I felt stressed, on edge, and frantic. Once I got back into the suburbs, it was a breath of fresh air. Here we have big box stores next to the cute specialty stores. Yes, we have to drive everywhere but that’s okay because the roads aren’t bumper-to-bumper. And, if I didn’t want to take the Metra into the city, I could always drive to O’Hare and hop the blue line in. I’ve always been kinda sad that the boy and I didn’t end up in a fun young neighborhood in the city… but I’m so happy where we are… a comfortable apartment, a long but mostly traffic-less commute, a quiet neighborhood, and all the conveniences of a shopping Mecca. I think it’s where we’re supposed to be. We’re old souls so it works for us.
  • That was a loooong bullet point.

What’s your latest adventure?